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Hey Everyone!

It’s a good news/bad news type of day today.

The bad news is that our site will undergo some down time this week so that I can clear up some wonkiness on our server. Based on previous soul-sucking experience with this stuff, the main blog will likely be down for an extended period (24 – 36 hours). Silver lining: faster server, quicker-loading site. The Vendor Showcase will not be affected so pop over and find yourself an ultra-wonderful vendor, why don’t ya?

The good news today is our community area is relaunching after a 4-year hiatus today and it will be unaffected by the site down time. Yay! Our community has two areas:

The Coterie (because it sounds pretentious and I’m feeling très snobby) – is our social media-like area where you can create a personal profile, share photos, add updates about your life/wedding. It’s kind of like Facebook but with no political rants, TMI birth stories, or embarrassing drunk friend photos. Awesome!

The Forums are, well, forums. Here you can ask questions, share ideas, give advice and interact with other couples and the DIY Bride team. Also awesome!

Membership to the community is absolutely free so join on up and become a founding member today!

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