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If you’re under the impression that the kitchen is a foreboding place where the burning of toast (and other previously-edible items) takes place, think again. It’s also home to one of the best-loved pre-wedding traditions: the kitchen tea. In other words, it’s time to embrace it and prepare to party!

What is a kitchen tea?
While most people are familiar with a bachelorette, hen’s night or bridal shower, the kitchen tea is often met with raised eyebrows (or at least one). It is, however, neither newer nor less exciting than its party comrades.

Traditionally, the kitchen tea was hosted in a bride-to-be’s — you guessed it — kitchen, where well-meaning female friends and relatives bestowed kitchen-related gifts in order to prepare the blushing bride for her role as dutiful wife. Since gender equality and time has leveled things out, the kitchen tea has also changed. These days it’s a great excuse to have the girls over, play kitchen- and wedding-related games, eat delicious food, drink tea, and pimp out your kitchen with cool fandangle things like coffee machines, juicers, and non-burnt pots and pans.

It usually takes place instead of (rather than alongside) a bridal shower and is a great way to get the older generations involved.

Kitchen tea games


Like the bridal shower, the kitchen tea is famed and adored for its games. These are usually tongue-in-cheek and have something to do with either being a great wife (in the traditional pre-1950s sense) or getting married. They can be anything from timing who is the fastest potato peeler, to checking who can produce the longest continuous apple peel when given the fruit and a knife.

When organizing a kitchen tea, think about classic wife duties and get creative. Here are three printable games to get you started:

1. The Cupcake Game
In this game, the ladies (including the bride-to-be) first have to come up with adjectives that describe the guest of honor, and then design and decorate a cupcake to reflect the words they’ve chosen.

Download the printable game here!

2. The Question Game

How compatible are the bride and groom? The ladies will get to find out with this fun game in which the groom (pre-kitchen-tea) and the bride (at the kitchen tea) answer a list of crucial questions like who is a better driver. This one is sure to cause a laugh or two.

Download the printable game here!

3. The Sewing Game

The third game tests an imperative wife skill – the ability to sew. All of the ladies (including the bride-to-be) are given material, a needle, thread and a button, after which they race to see who can sew on the button first.

Download the printable game here!

A kitchen tea by any other name

As with any bridal event, the most important thing is to have fun. If the bride-to-be really isn’t into her kitchen (or doesn’t need anything for it), you can ask the guests to donate recipes and put together a custom recipe book, or move away from kitchen altogether, call it a kitchen tea (it has a nice ring to it), but organize a barbecue or a luncheon or a picnic instead. There are no rules other than to have fun!

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