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If you have a crowd of amazing lady friends and you’re not quite sure what to do with them, here are ten spectacular bridal shower ideas to help you out. After all, what are fabulous ladies better at than celebrating in style? And what better occasion to celebrate is there than your upcoming nuptials?

1. Retro theme


The gist: Revive your favorite old-school and vintage elements to create a delightful event.

How: Raid your mother’s pantry, get into Etsy and scour a few vintage shops. Look to mason jars, bunting, swirly paper straws, old-school drinks (like sodas, floats and lemonades…with an alcoholic twist) and get your hands on a game of croquet. Head outdoors or transform your living room and kitchen, pull together an appropriate playlist — think Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and Glen Miller — and take your bridal shower into a different time.

2. Pink champagne and diamonds theme


The gist: Light, sparkling and shamelessly girly, the combination of pink champagne or rosé and a bit of glitz is a winning one.

How: Select your favorite pink champagne or rosé, set out glasses for the girls, shower your house in pink flowers (lots of them), and invest in pink-hued poms, crystal embellishments and a selection of delicious cheeses and fruit. Then bask in the radiance of it all.

3. Asian theme


The gist: Embrace oriental grace and beauty by involving Asian elements into your event.

How: From dainty paper parasols to delicious sushi to cute kimonos – there are fantastic elements to be found in Asian culture. Decorate your yard or living room with Chinese lanterns, offer a selection of Asian cuisine (dim sum, flavorful stir-fries in mini Chinese boxes or sushi), and end the bridal shower with a cup of Jasmine or green tea.

4. Tea party theme


The gist: Raise your pinky proudly and celebrate your upcoming “I dos” with a spot of tea.

How: High tea has always been a lovely way to spend an afternoon and get a dose of girlie time. So organize petit fours, scones with jam and cream, cupcakes, and finger sandwiches, invest in fancy teas (perhaps something featuring rosehip or ginger) and invite the ladies to indulge. Set up your place like a Victorian teahouse — pretty porcelain, delicate table settings, vases of roses or hydrangeas — and play a bit of classical music in the background.

5. Spa theme


The gist: Who doesn’t like to indulge and get pampered once in a while?

How: Stock up on various face masks, nail polish and — if you want to go a bit fancy — organize for a masseuse to come to your house or book a private room at a local beauty spa. Play some Zen music, then sit back, relax and allow yourself, and your ladies, to get pampered. It’s the perfect way to get everybody ready for your wedding.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s


The gist: Audrey Hepburn had it right, so follow in her stride and inject a bit of Tiffany’s spirit into your bridal shower.

How: Not only is Tiffany’s blue a magnificent color, but it does so much to transform a space, so it’s great for home-based bridal showers. Buy Tiffany blue crepe paper, poms or balloons and let loose. Couple these with blue candy and confetti, and play “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (or at least the soundtrack) in the background.

7. Healthy theme


The gist: If you’re worried about what you put into your body before your big day, take your bridal shower to a healthy place.

How: Fruit (aka nature’s candy) is not only delicious and refreshing but also looks great and will give you an additional boost of vitamins before your wedding. The same can be said for a lot of beneficial food. So get creative with amazing salads featuring delicious (and healthy) things like apples, pears, goat’s cheese, avocado and rocket. Make smoothies, fresh juices or invent your own mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails). You could even take it a step further and organize a fun Zumba, pilates or dance class – fitness, health and fun in one package!

8. Green (eco-friendly) theme


The gist: If you care for the environment, why not get a little eco-friendly for your pre-wedding event?

How: Good news: you can be stylish and eco-friendly at the same time. Use recyclable materials, serve slow food (locally sourced) and rather than using cut flowers, use creative planters. A few biodegradable things here, an environmentally savvy gift registry there and a green color scheme (just for fun) and you’ll have yourself a fabulous event indeed.

9. Travel theme


The gist: The world is a beautiful and fascinating place — if you’re a fan of travelling, reflect it in your bridal shower theme.

How: Pick one destination, such as London, Paris or Tokyo, or set an international travel theme and go nuts. Decorate cupcakes with double-decker busses, Eiffel Tower statuettes or various flags. Serve international cuisine, use world map napkins or tablecloths, and give your guests passport or boarding pass invitations. Play foreign music, ask the ladies to dress up in national costume (or a hat that reflects a particular country) and revel in your love of travel.

10. Arabian nights


The gist: Sexy, sensual and beautiful — such are the tales of Arabian nights; as is a bridal shower based around them.

How: Intricate lanterns, colorful tapestries, decadent cushions, mouthwatering cuisine and sexy belly dancing are all things that an Arabian nights event might entail. So go big and transform your home into an exotic palace. Serve tagines or shish kebabs and salads, and make sure to serve plenty of sweets. Infuse the air with ambient music and organize a belly dancing performance or lesson.

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