Home Etc DIY Bride News Goodbye Google Reader. Hello Feedly and Bloglovin.

With Google’s announcement last week that they’d end Google Reader effective July o1, I’ve explored some alternatives and have come up with a couple of ways you can easily follow DIY Bride’s RSS feed.

Bloglovin rounds up all of your favorite blogs and shows fresh posts in sequential order – sort of like a Facebook feed. You can read blogs via the web or one of their apps. Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Feedly is very similar to Google Reader but with a clean, minimalist interface.

Both services easily import your RSS subscriptions from Google Reader so you don’t have to manually enter anything (whew!) and, even better, both Bloglovin and Feedly are free.


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    • You’re welcome! I’m a big Google Reader fan and was shocked to learn they were ditching it last week. Glad I could share some good news about alternatives.

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