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Borrowed & Blue Productions - Behind the Scenes
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Greetings, DIY brides!  Today’s sponsored post comes to us from an Australian wedding videographer, Terence Hooi, of Borrowed & Blue Productions.  We asked them to share a bit about videography in general, and talk about their unique style of capturing wedding memories on video.  In the images below, you’ll see some “behind the scenes” photos that show the crew in action, as well as a few high quality photographs also taken by Borrowed & Blue (yes, they also do wedding photography).  If you’re planning a wedding in Melbourne, Australia, we give Borrowed & Blue a big thumbs up!

Take it away, Terence!

The demand for wedding videos have spiked in recent years as couples are starting to see the value of having intimate moments of their big day recorded in motion. While it’s great to reflect on photographs, and share those with friends and family, there is an audio visual experience that is left wanting that only a video can produce. The reality is that in today’s world, the demand for visual stimulation through videography is higher than ever; and wedding videos are no different.

Filming wedding videos at a certain production standard exceeds what a HD camera and a tripod can produce. Filming this momentous occasion in a person’s life is all about the approach and envisaging what the final product will look like.


Borrowed & Blue Productions – Behind the Scenes

At Borrowed and Blue, our main goal, as videographers, is to create a piece of wedding memorabilia that captures the emotions expressed on the day. Weddings are about beauty and drama. On no other day will a bride and groom take such meticulous effort to look their absolute best. There are also going to be tears and laughter throughout the day, as well as the tribulations of “getting there”.


Borrowed & Blue Productions – Behind the Scenes

Our approach to capturing the essence of a wedding requires clever angles and dramatic lighting. We’re creating an effect, a magical retell of the day from our eyes as it unfolds in front of us. We try not to have a pre-conceived idea of how the day will play out, rather aim to be a fly on the wall that secretly steals slices of the day, preserving it for eternity. Unlike photography where the couple is often directed for poses and positioning, we film for natural emotion, as it occurs. This is critical in presenting the bride and groom naturally, which is the only way that their screen presence will be believable.


Borrowed & Blue Productions – Behind the Scenes

How is this done? It fundamentally boils down to having a creative mind, and a good understanding of how the wedding will unfold, in order for us to get the best positions. We plan on paper and in our heads where these angles are based on the available lighting and be prepared to move at a moment’s notice. Keeping a variety of lenses for a number of different effects close-by is vital; while keeping bread and butter lenses glued to us as we move around the bride and groom is additionally important. It is also vital we be intently observant, so that we’ll know when the laugh is about to happen or the tears are about to drop. As a videographer, I find myself entwined in the couple’s story and I try to see everything through their eyes.


Borrowed & Blue Productions – Behind the Scenes



Borrowed & Blue Productions – Behind the Scenes


Borrowed & Blue Productions – Behind the Scenes

As much as our style and approach of filming is based on real emotions, capturing special moments, and instinct, this does not exclude us from having pre-planned actions and “set shot” sequences ready. For example having seen thousands of kisses, it’s our duty to know how to be able to elicit a variety of these very intimate moments: from the tender to the passionate.


Borrowed & Blue Productions


Although we use high production gear to film these cherished moments in a couples union, the REAL bits are more important; capturing those moments with a cinematographers eye is how we produce real wedding videos which record treasured memories for years to come.


Borrowed & Blue Productions


Check out Nick And Julie from BorrowedAndBlue on Vimeo

This is a guest post by Wedding Videographer Melbourne, Terence Hooi, who is the owner of Borrowed and Blue.


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