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As most of you know planning a wedding takes time, a lot of time. With all the planning and time it takes to put together a wedding some say it can feel like a full time job. From booking a venue, to picking the perfect flowers, even all those little details like place cards and seating chart and tying bows on favors can really add up. So remember to enjoy this time and your fiancé, and enjoy some time together with the one you love.

Make Valentines Day special with a few special touches. We know all you DIY brides don’t have a lot of extra time or money when planning your wedding, so I have complied a list of special things you can do that won’t break the bank this Valentines Day.

If your loved one packs their lunch, sneak a sweet love note into their lunch. A simple reminder of how much you love them.


Write a note in red  lipstick on the mirror, so they wake up to the love note.

Leave a few love notes in his pockets, sock drawer or even on the door so your sweeties feels the love when he gets up.


I used post-it notes and a heart hold punch so they would stick with out tape.

If you have a little more time print a few photos from Pinterest (many free prints)  and put them in frames. I put these above the bed and there are so sweet they can stay up all month long.


Cover the bed with heart shaped confetti.I used heart shaped hole punches for this fun and easy confetti


Buy a single balloon and tie a note to it telling your man why you love him so much.


A few more simple ways to spend time with you loved one without spending a lot this Valentines Day is to plan a walk together, stay home, cook dinner together, and watch a movie at home.

If you have a little more time consider having a “special” photo taken for his night stand.

Remember why you are planning this amazing wedding in the first place.  Set aside some time, put your wedding planning on hold to relax and spend time with the one you love on Valentines Day. Don’t worry  - your wedding planning will be right where you left it when you pick it back up.

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