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valentine, indoor picnic, valentine's day, romantic,

I had the pleasuring of interviewing Matthew David Hopkins, creative director of Matthew David Celebrations, on his inspiration for a Valentines picnic inside. Matthew wanted to create a Valentines surprise with not only good food, but also romance. This picnic is about treating your Valentine to their favorite things in an intimate setting.

valentine, indoor picnic, valentine's day, romantic,

This is a great DIY project that takes planning and thought. Matthew suggests collecting elements from the home and using them in a different way. For example, instead of a blanket he used a tapestry. Create a flower arrangement with your Valentine’s favorite flower or do something unexpected like a flowering plant. (He pointed out that just because it’s Valentines Day it doesn’t have to be red roses. Which I was glad to hear someone else say, because I’m not a big fan of roses and love to receive orchids.) Make the setting cozy and romantic with pillows and candlelight.  Matthew used clear trays from CB2 for the place settings to let the decor and tapestry shine.

Now of course, the food for any picnic is important. For this special occasion it’s all about the person you are entertaining. Serve their favorite meal, rather you cook or order and replate it. Have a few courses; appetizer, main course, and desert. Plate the meal on something special, and not your everyday china. Matthew’s plates are eco-friendly bamboo.

Do you love this idea so much that you are wondering how you can incorporate this into your wedding day? Well, Matthew shared a few tips for bringing this vision into your wedding activities.

  • He believes this would create an elegant rehearsal dinner theme.
  • Prepare guests for picnic style dining by having them dress in a relaxing way.
  • Hint to a fun and relaxing dinner.
  • Give each guest a tray so that that they may sit where they like.
  • Have tables available if they prefer, and inviting floor areas with flowers and candles.
  • Low tables with pillows are another intimate vision.

While I had the opportunity, I had to get his opinion on wedding trends and inspiration. Creating memorable and romantic settings inspires Matthew. One way he brings this into the space is by color. In 2013, he sees emerald (Pantone color of the year) will be a big influence. Darker colors are coming into fashion. He likes contrast, such as black and white, or deep tones of rich blue and champagne. You can play-up formality with contrast or add a playful aspect with less symmetry.

Matthew says, “The great thing about weddings is you can break the rules.”

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