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Technology is becoming more and more involved in the wedding planning process of today’s brides. And with smartphones in particular, wedding apps are coming out left and right for so many different functions. Your entire wedding journey is an important time in your life, so you want to figure out which are most useful for you.

Filled with tons of emotions and memories, you want to capture every minute of it, but most couples do not have the budget to pay for a professional photographer for every event. Let’s say your mother or best friend can’t make it to the dress shop to try on the gown of your dreams, but you still want them to be apart of the action – most likely, you’re taking snapshots on your phone and sending them over, anxiously waiting on the other end to see if they’re saying “yes to the dress” as well!

With smartphone cameras becoming better everyday, they have become the solution for the on-the-go couple to capture those snapshot moments that are still just as important as the big day!

At Wedding Snap, we created an online photo and video sharing experience that has an iPhone and Android app that instantly collects all the guests’ memories in an online, real-time album. We’ve had couples from all over the world take thousands of smartphone photos, and we decided to ask around and share some tips with you to make sure you get the most out of your smartphone camera!

wedding snap photos

Auto, on, or off – should you turn on flash?

Your choice can really make or break a photo. Natural lighting tends to be the best option, if used correctly. Try to face the light source to avoid making shadows but test it out and see what the current lighting situation is. Flash may be your best bet sometimes, but keep in mind that intense light can be problematic as it can wash out the entire picture – avoid facing mirrors and items that can create a reflection with flash.

wedding snap photos

Move closer and avoid zoom when possible

While the zoom feature is amazing when you simply can’t get any closer without losing the moment, try to avoid it when possible. Zooming on smartphone cameras tend to pixelate the photo and reduce its quality.

Play with angles

A different angle can be life altering for your snapshot. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try things out.

To be blurry or not to be blurry?

The moment you find out your image is blurry makes your heart drop a little bit knowing that you’ll have to try again to get that same moment and keep everyone from moving. Don’t have a steady hand? Try using something to prop your phone and set a self-timer (and this way, you don’t have to rotate in taking the same group photo). You can even find cheap tripods for your smartphone if you plan on taking a number of photos and videos.


Make your snapshot a little more fun with some filters. Whether you’re feeling classic black and white or a more vintage sepia tone, this is always a fun and easy way to add an effect to your photo without being a pro. There are a number of apps out on market to quickly add the effect.

wedding snap photos

Edit your photos

The group shot is amazing aside from the fact your best friend Becky has red eye. Take the time to edit your photos – whether that’s through an editing program or touched up by a professional. It can make a world of a difference with smartphone images! Quick touch to adjust the brightness or saturation and get some really great looking prints at the end to make a fun scrapbook or album. Why not make an album of the snapshots as a favor for your closest friends?

Tell a story

With the right lighting, you can capture a gorgeous snapshot with your smartphone. However, the most beautiful images are the ones that tell a story. Get an image that really speaks 1000 words – from the emotional moment of the exchange of vows to the crazy bachelorette party, photos are about capturing memories.

rainy wedding day


{All photos featured here were taken with Wedding Snap.}

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About the Author, Michelle Tang: From the blush pink peonies to wedtech, a Managing Director at Wedding Snap, Michelle stays on top of all the up-and-coming trends. Wedding Snap is the simplest photo and video capturing experience used to instantly and easily capture, store, and share all wedding memories in an online, real-time album. 


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  1. when I think DIY, I think “saving money”. i like the idea of a wedding photo app being used at my wedding….but for $100+ ?!?!! No way. Why not just use instagram or FB, or some other free alternative out there? What am i missing?

    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Wedding Snap was actually created out of a need to collect photos into one place. Since everyone has a separate account for Facebook, photos end up getting lost on individual feeds. If you don’t use a hashtag on a photo in Instagram, the photos get scattered. These photo “solutions” can get complicated, and require more steps for you to gather all of your photos. We noticed that this results in getting substantially less photos than you could have gotten otherwise.

      Wedding Snap is also much more than just an album. It’s a place to store and organize your memories. You can record videos, re-arrange photos to tell a story, and even create multiple albums to visually document all of your pre-wedding events.

      We encourage you to check out our site (www.weddingsnap.com). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

      Wedding Snap

  2. I was at a friends wedding she used both weddingsnap and Instagram and only got about 10 from Instagram , people forgot the hashtag and it just did not work. The wedding snap album we got over 300 photos and people are still uploading without the hassle of asking friends to email you photos. Personally I get the value created by the app!

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