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When you look at it, paper looks so innocent. And yet if you don’t give it enough attention it can really wreak havoc on your wedding. Don’t worry — here’s a simple stationery guide and printable checklist (yaaay!) that’ll ensure both you and your wedding look great on paper.

Getting started:

Way back when, before you got engaged, you probably thought that wedding stationery involved a few invitations and — maybe — an RSVP card. Ha! Boy oh boy, I bet you’re shrugging your shoulders and shaking your head now. The world of wedding stationery is as wide as it is wonderful. Don’t worry too much though; while your paper needs might extend to a few extra bits and pieces that you weren’t expecting, a stationery list isn’t difficult to put together. All you have to do is print out this free stationery checklist and tick off the items you need.

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A stationery breakdown:

Just about all weddings (unless you’re planning to go completely paper free) will require at least four things:

  1. Invitations – to let your guests know what’s happening and when
  2. RSVP cards – so your guests can thrill you with news of their attendance
  3. Gifts/registry card – so you can inform your nearest and dearest about your wedding present dreams (or tell them you don’t want anything at all)
  4. Envelopes – so you can send out all of your carefully-prepared bits and pieces

Aside from these four essentials most weddings will also have:

  1. Save-the-date cards – to give your guests (particularly those who live far away) enough notice
  2. (Ceremony) Program – to let everybody know how your ceremony is going to progress
  3. Place cards – to inform your guests where they should sit
  4. Menu card – so your dearly beloved know what they’re going to be served
  5. Thank-you cards – so that you can bestow your thanks onto your guests for all of the lovely gifts they’ve offered you

In addition there is also a bunch of other stationery options:

  • Maps, accommodation and tourism information for destination weddings or overseas guests,
  • thank-you notes for bridesmaids, groomsmen and your future spouse,
  • games for kids
  • various signs (directions, signage for the toilet or the photo booth and so on)

So now get to it — make your wedding paper dreams come true.

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