Home Wedding Planning His and Hers Guest List Printable

After getting engaged it is so exciting to start planning! When working on the guest list I found it best to write out two different columns of guests: his and hers. After writing down all the possible guests then it was easy to see how close we were to our total guest number which is important for booking venues and vendors.

For us we were really over our estimated number and realized we either had to start cutting people or go back to our vendors and change our numbers. After we had the guests nailed down then we started to gather all the addresses for sending invitations.

I have created for you today a free printable guest list sheet that you can use for both of these lists. Since it is two columns you can use it first for the his and hers list and then for gathering the guests’ addresses. When I was first creating my lists, I used an online tool but quickly learned that when making big changes to your list it is best to be able to see the list overall. I hope you enjoy this free printable, and it helps you stay organized while planning your big day!

To download the pdf of the guest list address printable click here or click the image below.


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