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If you want to make driving directions a little more fun and personal, we love the idea of hand drawn or cartoon illustrated directions. They bring out the excitement you felt when you were a kid and dreamed of finding a map to buried treasure.  You can attempt to make your own or venture to a shop that can create a custom map that incorporates fun, detailed places that are special to you. What is great about customized maps is they are easy to read,  pleasing to the eye, extremely detailed, and one of a kind. I have used Weddingmapper.com,  and it is easy simple and basic maps are free.


This map was made by arobb81 over at wedding bee.

I found the following photos at: http://www.acartoonist.com/wedding.htm and something tells me DIY and handmade maps are going to be a trend with weddings.


Before you send out your invitations, recruit a friend who has never been to your venue to drive the Map Quest, Google Maps, or Venue-provided directions to make sure they truly take you to the correct location.  This is a wonderful idea because there is nothing worse than ending up on a dead-end street and having no idea where or how to get to your destination.  Keep in mind that not everyone has a fancy phone with a built-in GPS or navigation system.  If you know written directions are the only form of information they will use, make sure they are clear and easy to follow.

If you happen to notice that Map Quest or Google directions take you to a dead-end, share this information with them. They don’t have the time to drive every road and update every change all over the world, so it may be possible to inform them about the updated  streets in your neighborhood. If you discover this problem far enough in advance they may be able to update it before your wedding.


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  1. If you are anything like me and get lost on a daily basis….these maps are genius! I have missed wedding ceremonies in the past from not being able to find the place. I will be doing this for the geographically challenged like myself. Thanks for sharing this idea!

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