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Joby Nails sells a nail stickers and decals online, starting at $2.99, with free shipping every day.  You can find tiny bling, pearls, flower decals, peacock feathers, hearts, snowflakes, and much more.  This is one DIY detail that won’t break the bank (and you might just end up buying more nail stickers for the honeymoon!).


They have an overwhelming selection of designs to match any wedding theme, color palette, or style.  Personally, I love the little rhinestones and pearls!  I had the pleasure of receiving some complimentary nail stickers to use for this review, and I was very pleased with the designs, quality, and how easy it was to apply the stickers.  Here are the instructions:

1)      Prep your nail so it’s clean and freshly polished.

2)      Use your fingernail to peel off the sticker.

3)      Apply the sticker to your nail.

4)      Apply a clear top coat, and wah-lah!  You’re done!

If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed the latest nail art trends – there are several online tutorials for ombre nail polish, emerald glitter nails, and more.  Any one of these could be embellished with a tiny floral and rhinestone decal from Joby Nails.  By the way, Joby Nails has some fabulous how-to videos and nail art galleries. You’ll probably pay an extra $5 to $10 at the salon for stickers like these.  Joby Nails has them for $2.99 and up.

Here’s how my “nail art” turned out:

Joby nailart (3)


Joby Nailart (2)


When it comes to planning your wedding timeline, I recommend doing your nails 1-2 days before the wedding day.  If you’re going to head to the salon with all your ‘maids, you should definitely shop around to find a good group deal (check Groupon and similar sites), and schedule the appointment 2-3 weeks in advance. Make a day of it, too!  Plan to eat with your group either before or after the appointment, and use that time in the salon to talk about any last minute details like jewelry, hair, and makeup.  Joby Nail stickers and decals would also make a nice gift for your bridesmaids, especially as part of a DIY manicure gift set.

So, do you think Joby nailart is worth a try?  We sure hope you’ll check them out!


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