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Winter, Spring, Summer or maybe Fall?

Friday, Saturday or perhaps Sunday?  So many decisions!

Here at DIY Bride we’re always happy to help when it comes to making budget friendly decisions.  When it comes to choosing a wedding date, some considerations should be made, and this is especially true if you’re worrying about expenses.

According to the results of our 2012 reader survey, the majority (66 percent) of our readers chose the Fall months (September, October, November) for their wedding day.  Summer months (May, June, July) were also a popular time among our readers at 33 percent.  Each couple has certain things that they take into account when picking their day, and if budget is one of those considerations, booking a date during the “off season” may be right for you.

.So, just when is this budget-friendly season?  Think cold.  A wedding in January, February or March may cost less when booking a venue, reception site or choosing flowers.  Of course, this may all depend on what area you live in or how popular the location you’re looking at may be.

If a Winter wedding isn’t quite what you’ve imagined, perhaps a less popular day during a more popular season would be more your style.  Saturday is obviously the most popular day to wed, but some reception sites may not require as much be spent on Friday or Sunday.  However, not all venues offer a discount based on days, so make sure it’s something you ask about up front (and don’t be afraid to “shop” around).

From my own personal experience, having a Friday night reception cost about half of what a Saturday one did.  Likewise, our venue was more if we booked in the months of May-September, but less if during October-April.  Ultimately, we found other ways to save money, but I’d love to hear in the comments if this is something you and your significant other have considered or chosen!


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