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Booking any major vacation can be stressful, but booking your honeymoon can be even more so because it’s the beginning of your new life together. To book the honeymoon of your dreams with the least amount of stress, follow these 10 tips:

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1.       Relax your expectations

Yes, your honeymoon is supposed to be special and romantic, but don’t set expectations that may not be achievable. If you’ve already vacationed with your future spouse, you may be wondering how you can top all the great times you’ve had together. The truth is that it doesn’t have to. Your honeymoon is about spending romantic time together and enjoying one another’s company. You’ll have many more vacations to come, so don’t expect your honeymoon to be the perfect vacation of a lifetime.

2.       Stay organized

If you’re planning your honeymoon with your fiancé, then whoever is more organized should keep track of the bookings. This person doesn’t have to do all the work, but he or she should organize all the information you need for your honeymoon. Staying organized will help reduce the stress because information will be where you need it when you need it.

3.       Use multiple resources when researching your destination

It’s too easy when booking your honeymoon is to get outdated information about hotels, airports, restaurants, excursions, and other activities you may want to reserve ahead of time. The best way to avoid outdated and incorrect information is to use multiple, frequently updated sources.  The Internet tends to be updates regularly, but check the dates on any related articles you may find. It’s also advisable to purchase a couple of travel guides, so you can double-check the information for your destination. Before purchasing any books, check the copyright date to ensure that it is fairly current.

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4.       Give yourself plenty of time

Don’t feel pressured to go on your honeymoon right after your wedding if you feel it will be too stressful to plan both at once – especially if you’re having a short engagement! Give yourself at least six months to plan the honeymoon of your dreams, even if that means taking the honeymoon a couple months after your wedding.

5.       Talk with a travel agent

Talking with a travel agent doesn’t mean you’re obligated to use one. However, if you even think you’ll want help planning your honeymoon, call a few travel agents who specialize in honeymoons to how they might be able to help you. You might be surprised and decide to use travel agent services to take some of the planning load off you and your fiancé.

6.       Set a careful budget

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The number one cause of honeymoon related stress is money. Don’t rack up credit card debt to go on a honeymoon. If you plan carefully, you won’t have to. Instead, budget carefully, shop for deals, and be sure to track your budget every time you spend money for your honeymoon. A cruise or an all-inclusive resort provides all your lodging, meals, and entertainment at a fixed price – making it easier to budget your expenditures.


7.       Use a honeymoon registry

If money is a concern for your honeymoon, or if you just prefer a memorable honeymoon experience to a kitchen full of duplicate appliances you’ll never use, set up a honeymoon registry. This type of registry will allow your guests to purchase honeymoon upgrades and activities for you as wedding gifts. This can help stretch your honeymoon budget. In addition, many honeymoon registries will allow you to withdraw your gift funds from your registry at any time, so you’ll have money available for bookings well ahead of the wedding.

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8.       Call in person

It’s tempting to do all online bookings, but you can actually get more help and better deals when you call directly to make your bookings. This isn’t as much the case for airline bookings, but it does help when it comes to hotel rooms. Tell the employee you’re speaking with that you’ll be on your honeymoon and you might even get some upgrades or discounts. Speaking with people over the phone means you can ask about details of your trip and destination, rather than trying to find that information on your own.

9.       Know which name to book in

For most couples, it’s best to book honeymoon tickets and rooms in the pre-wedding name of both parties. It’s important that your names match your ID. This is particularly true if you’re traveling out of the country, since your airline tickets and hotel room names will need to match the name on your passport, which you won’t be able to have changed until a few weeks or months after your wedding.

10.   Check out honeymoon planning timelines

Honeymoon planning timelines can help you know what and when to book for your honeymoon. These timelines are particularly helpful if you’ve never planned a major vacation. Contact HoneymoonPixie.com for a free copy of their detailed honeymoon planning timeline.


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Andrew Marino is the CEO of HoneymoonPixie.com, an industry leader in providing honeymoon gift registries for engaged couples.  Couples create their free honeymoon registry website and receive honeymoon planning advice and travel tips.  Andrew also serves as a contributing Senior Travel Editor.


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