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What’s more fun than a New Year’s Eve wedding? I love the idea of confetti, sparklers, champagne toasts, and black and silver accents at a wedding. It gives you a chance to make a party out of the entire evening.

If you plan to party till after midnight, think of all the fun aspects you can incorporate into your New Years Eve Wedding. All the fun New Years things guest may be used to, from party hats for the ladies and top hats for the gentlemen, party blowers and confetti for everyone, and you can’t leave out a champagne toast and kiss at midnight.


Photo credit: Andreas Photography

Photo credit: Andreas Photography

Photo credit: Fairytale Creations Photography

Photo credit: Fairytale Creations Photography

You can also include these traditional New Years Eve party items into your wedding by incorporating them into your decorations. Party blowers at the table setting settings, top hats with the centerpieces, or use these as decorations in bouquets and boutonnieres.

Consider the importance of timing when planning a New Years Eve Wedding.

A wedding will traditionally start around 5 pm, meaning if you plan to party till the wee hours of the morning this may be a bit early to start. I recommend figuring out when you plan to end the wedding and plan backwards. If you want to party till 1am, then figure you need at least 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours for dancing, 1 hour for dinner, 1 hour for formal dances, toasts, and cake cutting, and then 1 hour for ”cocktail hour”  to mix and mingle with the guests. Then add one more hour on for the ceremony and photos, so this means you should start the wedding around 7-8 pm. You always want to check with your location or venue before booking to see if they will allow your wedding to go this late, and ask if any extra fees will be applied before booking. Many locations understand a New Years Eve event will go till after midnight. Keep in mind if you plan to start around 7 pm, it will be dark outside so make sure there is ample lighting and photos. Another thing to keep in mind is since you are starting later, lets say 7 pm, many guest may have eaten dinner already, so you may want to consider a lighter meal served at the beginning of the reception; remember, this would be around 8 pm.

No matter what you plan to serve from only  appetizers or a light snack,  to a full 3 course meal, always make sure to let guest know in the invite just how much food will be served so they can plan accordingly.  

Here are some examples of wording for invitations.

If the reception takes place at the same venue as the ceremony: Reception to follow in the Main Ballroom. I would then recommend describing the dinner on the RSVP card, and if the guests needs to choose their entrée item, list it on the RSVP card with a place to check their choice: ______ Prime Rib  ______ Salmon.  OR, if the reception will be a buffet and no choice is needed: A buffet of Fresh Fruit, Caesar Salad, Prime Rib and Salmon served with twice baked potatoes and baby carrots.

If you are not serving a full meal at the reception, the invitation should read something like the following: Appetizers, cake, and dancing to follow.   If you are only serving cake: Dessert and dancing to follow.  You would not need to list the appetizers just a simple note that they will be served.

If you do not plan to serve any food at all (which I never recommend) it could say the following:  Join us afterwards for cocktails and cake following the ceremony in the Main Ballroom.


Photo credit: Fairytale Creations Photography

Photo credit: Fairytale Creations Photography

This couple had their first dance following the ceremony while surrounded by all of their guests who held sparklers. Not only did this create a joyous starting point for the reception, it created amazing photos.

All these little New Years Eve aspects make the night more fun, and of course will help to make some unique wedding photos. For more New Years Eve wedding ideas, check out my New Years Eve board over at Pinterest.


Happy New Year everyone!

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