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Pantone’s top colors for Spring 2013 are out and they’re simply lovely.  Together, monaco blue, dusk blue, grayed jade and emerald provide the perfect color pallet for a calming beach wedding.

Different shades of sea glass were the first thing I thought of when I saw all the colors together.  Martha Stewart Weddings featured a beautiful sea-glass seating card display, or the glass could be used to decorate tables in the reception area.  It’s an easy way to bring in pops of color without overwhelming the simplicity of the beach.

To play off the sea-glass beach feel, I discovered printable invitation stationary on Etsy featuring a monaco blue bottle on paper meant to look aged.  Invitations are the first impression guests receive of a wedding, and these set the stage for the event right away.

A bride at a beach wedding needs a dress that compliments the beauty around her while still keeping all eyes on her.  This Lisa Ho dress resembles grayed jade, and allows for something a little different than the usual beach wedding gown.  To bring in the emerald color, a simple but classy green leaf bouquet, like this one from Martha Stewart Weddings, is the perfect addition and won’t draw any attention away from the main event.  Finally, a sea-glass necklace from Etsy pulls the ensemble together with the theme in a fantastic finishing touch.

How would you use Pantone’s colors to inspire a wedding?  Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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  1. Wow! Everything is lovely here, especially the dress! And are those sea glass? And I so love the necklace, very elegant! Amazing!

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