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Brides, I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from this post: Make friends with an extremely creative photographer RIGHT NOW.  Photographer Jamie Delaine planned a fun and cozy bridal shower for her friend and bride-to-be, Leanne!

Jamie decorated her British Columbia home, inside and out, with clever and thrifty DIY projects that made a dramatic impact.  And, BONUS – the bride took some of this decor with her to use at the wedding!  That’s a win-win situation if I’ve ever heard one.

The rest of the narrative below is from the hostess, Jamie.

Leanne's Love-Filled DIY Bridal Shower

The front door was fancied up with some yellow bunting made from cloth napkins/tablecloth found at a local thrift store.  For $6 we had enough yellow fabric to make three table runners and six strands of bunting!  We decorated the porch with potted mums and the poster was designed by me and printed at Staples. The frame was found at a thrift store for $2.

Leanne's Love-Filled DIY Bridal Shower

In the entry way we showcased an engagement photo of the happy couple, a love quote and a candle I already owned.

Leanne's Love-Filled DIY Bridal Shower

The bride to be banner was made from card stock which was attached to some burlap with hot glue. then attached the burlap squares onto twine with more glue, and boom!  The paper mobiles below the banner are really neat. I bought a big package of card stock and my friend Arielle cut them all into mismatched strips of paper.  Then I fed them through the sewing machine and sewed big long strands into a paper mobile!  So fun.

Leanne's Love-Filled DIY Bridal Shower

All of these vases were found at thrift stores. Arielle and I spent three hours one morning zooming all around town, literally in and out of 10 stores.  We were superwomen.

Leanne's Love-Filled DIY Bridal Shower

Mmm, the dessert table!  I saw this ribbon idea online & thought it was so whimsical and fun!  I bought 10 rolls of ribbon in different colors, tied them onto a piece of twine and hung it from the ceiling!  It made a great backdrop.  And the table runners, as mentioned earlier, were from an old tablecloth we found at a thrift store. I cut it into three pieces and sewed it up!

Leanne's Love-Filled DIY Bridal Shower

Congrats to Leanne on your beautiful shower and upcoming marriage, and thanks to Jamie for sharing your creativity with us!




Photographer: Jamie Delaine Photography

Venue: Private residence

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. This all looked so nice! It just goes to show that a little creativity and some thrifty shopping can create a wonderful event.

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