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Though we love all of the real weddings we (and our couples) share with you, the photos we present are only a small part of the DIY experience. When we publish a real wedding we see a finely edited finished product that doesn’t often tell the whole story about what it’s like to craft a wedding. For example, what does putting together 108 layered invitations really look and feel like when you’re on a tight schedule, and even tighter budget  - these details often get left out in the narrative of a couple’s big day.  And that’s too bad because sharing those things – the hard, frustrating, monotonous things – makes the whole DIY wedding thing more relatable and realistic. I think we’re missing realism in the wedding industry right now, so you might imagine how overjoyed I was to see the “making-of” video one of our real wedding couples, David and Andrea, shared with us.

In the couple’s words:

We included this video as part of our wedding reception slideshow to give our guests a glimpse into just a few of the main projects (invites, website, centerpieces, favors) for our DIY wedding. Andrea designed the all of the centerpieces, favors, and decor, and I (David) did the website, invites and videos/editing.


Thank you, Andrea and David, for sharing a glimpse of your process and creativity with us!


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  1. This is really great! I bet the guests loved it and appreciated all the little details so much more. Thanks for sharing!

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