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We’re curious: did you follow wedding blogs/sites/pinterest boards before you got engaged? If so, has it affected how you’re planning or feeling about your wedding?

With the abundance of wedding media online and its expansion into non-wedding trends, has it made things easier for you? Given you unrealistic expectations?

We’d love to hear your experiences.

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  1. I was totally “that girl” who was all over the blogs before I was engaged. I practically had the whole thing planned…in my head. But once we got engaged, the reality was that a lot of things changed, including our location. We are getting married in a totally different state!
    But, despite that, I do feel WAY more organized than I think I would if I hadn’t spent some time thinking about it. I know some girls start to go crazy waiting for the engagement (hell, weddingbee has a whole board devoted to it.) But I wasn’t like that. I just a natural planner.

    • Same here! I read a couple wedding blogs before even becoming engaged. I also bought wedding magazines! I felt a little embarrassed about it but this poll is showing me I was not alone! Thanks for taking a second to complete our poll, Renee!

  2. I didn’t follow any blogs or social media before getting engaged, BUT I did watch every type of wedding show I could find on TV. I really didn’t get into boards/blogs until I was already in the midst of planning our wedding. I think it was all helpful and gave us great ideas and connected me with like-minded people. There were times when I did feel like our wedding wouldn’t compare to those in magazines or on TV or even to the ones showcased on popular wedding blogs, but in the end we had a great time.:)

    • You bring up a good point, Hope. Sometimes wedding blogs give us unrealistic expectations of what our wedding should be like. Even some of the DIY seen in the real weddings here on DIY Bride seem like they would be too much for me! But as long as you and your partner stay true to yourselves and your ideas, you’ll end up having a great day. :) Thanks for taking our poll!

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