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I have dedicated the month  of October to officially learning the art of beautiful writing, aka calligraphy.  I’ll be following the online calligraphy tutorials, “I still love calligraphy,” created by Melissa Esplin.

Calligraphy is easily one of my favorite wedding details.  Whether you are paying a professional calligrapher, doing it yourself, or using a computer, fancy lettering and fonts can really elevate your invitations, stationery, and signage from great to WOW!

Probably the coolest thing about Melissa’s  calligraphy classes is the way it’s setup. She teaches you the modern copperplate lettering style, but starts with the basics elements of each letter so that you can create your own custom lettering style.  How cool is that?  I’ve always wonder how to do that, so I’m excited to learn.

The class consists of 8 lessons that can be completed within 30 days.  It’s a self-paced tutorial with step-by-step guides and supplemental how-to videos.  The instructions are in PDF format so you  have those to keep as a reference to continue practicing after class. Cost is $95.

Today marks Day 1 of my journey through the tools, techniques, and hours of practice that will hopefully upgrade my capabilities with pen and paper.   I love ink drawings and calligraphy dearly.  I’ve always wanted to take a calligraphy class, but never had the chance.  Well, that was until about a month ago when the opportunity try an online calligraphy course landed in the DIY Bride inbox (just one of the perks of working here)!

I’ll be sharing my progress with you over the next 30 days, so stay tuned!

To sign up and take the class with me, click on I still love calligraphy.

Who’s with me?

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    • I did! And yes! I will be posting an update next week, actually. The class was very easy to follow at your own pace, and I’m really happy with my results.

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