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Please welcome guest blogger, Lisa Peteres!  She’s a student and fashion enthusiast who believes there is no problem that cannot be solved by hairspray and a well-applied wingtip. Take it away, Lisa.

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, and it is certainly the most photographed. Whether it’s still photographs or video, every single second of your big day will be caught on camera. For many, it’s a great way to look back on the day, but it also means that you feel the need to look 100% perfect.

If you’re worrying about how you’ll look in person and on camera for your big day, here are 7 top tips on hair and makeup that will help you be just that little bit more prepared for your big day – making sure you don’t look back on your wedding with a grimace.

1. Use the weather forecast to pick your do

Prepare two hairstyles for your big day, one up and one down, and use the weather forecast to decide which one you should wear. If the weather is extremely hot or raining, then avoid your ‘hair down’ style. Heat or damp will only frazzle your hair, making it look messy and out of place.

2. Check the lighting, and apply makeup accordingly

Makeup can look radically different in different lighting, so check what your wedding and reception venue lighting is like before committing to anything. That black kohl eyeliner might seem like a good idea at the time, but in the bright lights of a church it may look a little more overwhelming that it did in your bedroom.

3. Be sensible with your hairspray

Putting so much hairspray on your do that it’s unmovable might seem like a good idea at the time, but remember there is a downside to overloading on the stuff. If you’re immediately jetting off on your honeymoon, there is no way to get your hair back to normal without repeated washings, which may be time you don’t have if you need to get straight to the airport. It’s just a thought to bear in mind.

4. Think through your lipstick choice

Your lips are going to have an active day at your wedding – from kissing the group to drinking champagne to eating the first slice of wedding cake. If you’re wearing a brightly coloured lipstick, it could turn into a smudged mess very quickly and probably at a moment when you can’t exactly whip out your purse and reapply it. Stick to something that won’t visibly smudge and will last you for long periods thr

5. Up-dos mightn’t be the best for long hair throughout the day.

If you have long and/or thick hair, then you might want to rethink the updo. Having all that hair piled on your head for hours can cause headaches, and there is no worse thing than feeling ill and unable to enjoy yourself at your own wedding.

6. Waterproof that makeup!

Wedding days are happy days, and happy tears are sometimes an unwelcome side effect. Most people remember to wear waterproof mascara on their wedding day but forget that other eye makeup like eyeliner and eyeshadow can also mess up when you get teary eyed (especially if you attempt to wipe your eyes). Make sure that all your makeup is waterproof before the big day to avoid any last minute disasters.

7. Turn your Maid-of-Honor into a beauty station

Make sure your chief bridesmaid has everything you need (makeup for reapplication, clips, hair spray, etc) to hand during the day. That way you can be rest assured that if something does go awry, there is a hairbrush nearby to fix it and make sure that your photographs are still perfect and beautiful.


Lisa Peteres: http://www.brideonline.com.au/


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