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Happy Friday!

It’s no secret that the entire DIY Bride staff is obsessive wild about fonts. We pass along our favorite finds with each other all the time.  It’s not uncommon to see emails with “Look at this one! Can you believe the ligatures on that beauty?” or “I’m going to re-do our entire marketing package so I can use <newest obsession-worthy font> everywhere. Don’t hate me.”

In the not-so-distant past, I used to regularly write a Fab Fonts Friday post. It got lost along the way but, good news fontophiles, we’re resurrecting it as of today! Can I get a woot! woot! ?

We’re re-kicking off FabFoFri with two new releases from Tart Workshop: San Rafael and Bookeyed Nelson.

Crystal Kluge, the designer, describes San Rafael:

Inspired by the city of San Rafael, these handlettered fonts strike just the right balance between sophisticated and casual, while being sweet & flirty.  When you desire a breezier feel, San Rafael Mission is perfect.  San Rafael and San Rafael Mission have a lovely collection of alternative glyphs & ligatures accessible in any OpenType aware application. They are perfect for labels, packaging, logotypes, book titles, gifts & stationery goods.  San Rafael pairs beautifully with other Tart Workshop fonts, especially Carrotflower.


I’m completely in font-love with Bookeyed Nelson. Just the right mixture of whimsical and pretty, no?

Joining his big cousins, Bookeyed Jack + Suzanne, is Bookeyed Nelson.  Named via Facebook popular vote, Nelson is a likable stand-up guy.  He’s always reliable and does what you need him to do, with a number of alternative glyphs & ligatures to customize his appearance in any OpenType aware application. He enjoys spending quality time with his cousins, together they are a class act on posters, book covers, stationery, logotypes, you name it.  Nelson is your man.


Both are available from myfonts.com and start at $29.95.

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