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If you’re a fan of good pens and pretty ink, you’ll love this duo.  I was lucky enough to obtain a sample of the azalea ink and the pink pen for the purpose of this review, and it is my favorite pen. Ever. I’m a customer for life!

First off, let me tell you about the Japanese ink.  The colors are inspired by nature with names like Azalea (fushia), Moonlight (navy), and Sunset (gold). The ink is produced by Pilot, and it’s called Iroshizuku ink.  The bottle of ink contains 50 mL for about $28.00, and it will last a very long time.  I keep it on my desk and refuse to use any other ink!

Irohizuku Ink Colors

The Prera fountain pen is like the soul mate for the Iroshizuku ink.  The pen comes in a variety of complimentary colors, even pink.  When the pen and ink are used together, it’s like harmony on a piece of paper.

As with any fountain pen, it’s important to take good care of the pen and don’t let the ink dry out.  And, if you’re like me, keep this pen hidden from pen thieves, because your friends will want to steal it!

The ink and pen also make great gifts for special occasions, including wedding party thank you’s, anniversaries, and holidays. The combination of a quality fountain pen’s writing experience and a beautifully colored ink, like Prera and Iroshizuku, can add a special and personal touch to any writing project.

Both the Prera fountain pen and Iroshizuku inks are available at top luxury pen dealers (below) as well as amazon.com and Staples.com.  You can either visit the pen shops listed or visit their websites for purchase.

  • The Goulet pen company
  • Fountain Pen hospital
  • Levenger
  • Paradise Pen
  • Fahrney’s pens
  • Art Brown international pen shop
  • Bittner fine pens

Iroshizuku ink is available on Pilot.us as well.

For step-by-step refill directions, visit Namiki.comhttp://www.namiki.com/aboutNamiki/penCare.php

Click here to see more images of the Iroshizuku bottled fountain pen ink.


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