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Dear Friends and Colleagues of DIY Bride

As DIY Bride celebrates our 9th blog year, it’s a bittersweet occasion. While I am proud to have one of the longest-running wedding blogs, I’m not  proud of the direction the site has taken in the last 12 months. Excessive site interruptions, obtrusive advertising, diminished do-it-yourself content,  business missteps, and a lack of leadership from me have all contributed to sucking the life out of DIY Bride.

DIY Bride has lost our way and have become the type of site we never wanted to be: mediocre.

The great thing about realizing you suck is the opportunity to change, reinvent, and renew. And that’s what I and the DIY Bride team are doing, beginning today.

Following is our mission and pledge to you, our friends and colleagues, that we will work hard to better serve the needs of our readers and make DIY Bride the vibrant, trusted resource community we aspire to be.

Our Mission + Pledge To The DIY Bride Community

The DIY Bride Mission is to empower couples to create the weddings they deserve no matter what their budget, style, or skill set.

How We Support Our Mission

Focus On Our Readers’ Needs. Through constant and constructive dialogue with our readers and peers, we will provide the tools, information, and resources that will help our readers create meaningful, fiscally responsible, and one-of-a-kind weddings.

Consistency.We guarantee at least 5 new posts a week – every week -  in a wide variety of do-it-yourself wedding and craft topics.

New and Evolving Resources Especially For DIYers. In addition to our community area, DIY Bride will expand our tools and resources to include inspiration galleries, a flower finder tool, budgeting tools, improved vendor resources, interactive tutorials, how-to videos, and a series of small publications to better serve the needs of our core audience: the do-it-yourselfers.

Integrity. Integrity is the foundation for all that we do. Integrity includes honesty, decency, consistency, and courage. Building on those values, we are committed to:

  • transparency is our promotions and advertising relationships
  • accountability for our actions
  • working towards greater diversity in our featured weddings, discussion topics, and featured projects
  • maintaining strict non-discriminatory practices on our site and working towards greater social justice for all
  • fostering innovation, creativity and learning within and beyond the wedding community
  • mentoring, hiring, and supporting the next generations of wedding and craft professionals
  • sharing our 10+ years of wedding experience and expertise with our business community

Before I sign out for the day, I want to take a sec to recognize two people who have worked diligently to not only keep DIY Bride active but who’ve provided a great deal of guidance, camaraderie, and ass-kicking when I’ve needed it most: Valerie and Whitney. They are two slices of fried gold with a heaping side of awesomesauce.

And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, my friends and colleagues for sticking with us though we’ve gone through a tough period of our history. I look forward to better serving you and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to do so!

Cheers and bests,


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