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DIYer, Madison, is experiencing some frustration with the prototype of her centerpiece.

Hello DIY Bride! My mom and I are trying to make a submerged flower centerpiece. We can’t get it right! We’re using silk flowers, a tall vase, river rocks and jewelry wire. When placed in water, the flowers (pink orchids) look FAKE ass bad and they keep floating to the top.

This is our inspiration piece.  How can we make this work with or without rocks?

Source unknown. If you know the source, please let us know!



Hey Madison,

Don’t worry – I’ve got your back.

You didn’t mention many specifics about your project so I’m going to base my answers off your inspiration piece and your supply list.

I assume you’re wrapping wire around the flower stems and attaching them to river rocks. Right?

A couple of things are happening here:

* The silk flowers are are very light and require more weight than you’re using.

* When submerged in water and viewed from outside the vase, the flowers are magnified so the fakeassedness of the flowers becomes very apparent. The plastic stem usually gives them away.

First off, ditch the jewelry wire and get your self some mono filament (a.k.a. fishing line). It’s strong, clear, and becomes transparent under water. It’ll set you back about $3.00 for a spool. This will take away any visual clutter from exposed metal wire.

Next, get yourself some heavy washers from the hardware store. Use washers as the primary anchor. You can stack a few up to get more weight without adding to much visible bulk. To disguise them just add a few rocks on top of them.  They’ll cost about 25 to 50 cents each, depending on the size you get.

Last, is it possible for you to upgrade to fresh orchids instead of silk? Fiftyflowers.com, for example, has Cymbidium Orchids for 10 stems/$249.99. Each stem has 6 – 12 blooms.  If  need 12 centerpieces, for example, that’s only about $20/table in flowers if you’re just using the blooms and not the whole stem. (I don’t want to suggest anything out of your financial comfort zone but I don’t know your budget!) Fresh flowers will almost always look better, especially when they’re going to be the focal point of your guests’ tables. If you can’t afford real orchids how about switching to a more economical flower? Lilies, roses, tulips, gladiolus all work well and tend to be cheaper than orchids.


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