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Making your own wedding flower bouquet does not have to be a difficult and scary project! In fact, it should be exciting because you can save lots of money on bulk wedding flowers, and you can splurge on your honeymoon or a few more deserving wedding guests. This step by step will give you some guidance and ease when it comes to putting together your bulk wedding flowers.

  1. Prep all your flowers. If you are unsure and need a step-by-step on floral care visit How to Prep and Store Flowers. The basics include cutting all the stems under running water at a 45-degree angle, putting floral food in the water, and storing them in a cool place, not in the direct sunlight.
    Flowers in this arrangement include Purple Statice, 40-cm Rose Cool Water (Lavender), 40-cm Rose Goldstrike, Yellow Pompon Buttons, Billy Balls, Solidago, and Israeli Ruscus.
  2. Getting Ready to Arrange. You will be juggling flowers and floral tape while making your bouquet so it is best to have each stem completely ready to be added to the arrangement. Once you get the correct placement of flowers, you will secure them with floral tape. In order to secure them, the thorns and leaves have to have been removed and the weak stems wired. The lisianthus in this bouquet have been wired. To find out how to wire stems visit How to Wire Flower Stems. Lay the flowers out, and begin arrange your bouquet.
  3. Starting the Bouquet. Choose a few flowers for the center of the bouquet. Create a pattern of colors or flowers that will not look too planned but provide some rhythm. Once you have made a decent sized center, secure the flowers with floral tape. As you keep adding, continue to secure the new portions with floral tape. Floral tape is sticky and will stick to itself, all you need to do is circle the stems 3-4 times, pull the tape tight and attach it to itself. Then continue to build on your floral pattern.

  4. Getting There.Once you feel that the shape and size of the bouquet is where you want it, you need to add some finishing touches that will hide the mechanics (floral tape and such).  Use greens around the outer edges of the bouquet to add volume and shape. Use fillers, such as the yellow Solidago, around the outside of the bouquet to cover the mechanics and add fullness to the bouquet. These finishing looks are important as they bring the bouquet together and add finalizing touches to the shape of the bouquet.

  5. Wrapping Up.Literally. It’s time for the bouquet wrap! Start by pinning the ribbon to the floral tape (like the picture at the top right corner). Make sure you are pushing the pin into the stems at an angle so that the pins are not poking out from the back of the stems. (It would not make for wedding nice pictures if the bride where in pain from being poked by pins during the wedding!) Then wrap the ribbon down the stems, and back track to wrap back up to the top. This secures the bouquet wrap and adds a layer so the floral tape is fully concealed. Then start pinning the bouquet wrap together as shown below. Space the pins out in the same distance to make a corset-style bouquet wrap.

  6. Enjoy your work. When you are done just follow a couple steps, and enjoy! After you put together your bouquet, make sure it gets some water.  Put about an inch of water in a vase and leave the bouquet in water until the wedding ceremony.  If you want the flowers to last longer, make sure you have prepped the flowers correctly before arranging. You can also spray the bouquet with Crowning Glory Clear Solution – a very effective floral preservative that keeps flowers in their beautiful state even longer, even when they out of water like your bridal bouquet will be during your wedding day!

Enjoy your bouquet!


This post was sponsored and contributed by Blooms by the Box. Thanks for such a great tutorial, Diana!  Great tutorial!


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  1. brilliant blog we really enjoy putting together wonderful flower displayswe find it therapeutic and we look forward to reading looking at more of your brilliant work in the near future……

  2. Thanks for the steps. It is so simple yet very useful. I tried it on small scale of flowers (for our flower vase only). It makes me feel like an expert. You are right. We should not be afraid in experimenting on things. It is really exciting and it would help us come out with better ideas.

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