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Yanna has a pressing problem about her wedding gown:

While trying on my wedding gown to show off for my sister, I accidentally got a little splotch of lipstick on the bodice, just under my left breast. It’s noticeable but not tragic.  There are only 2 dry cleaners in our town. One of them won’t touch it, the other one charges $175 for the cleaning and does not guarantee the stain will come out. Is there a way to clean this myself without making it worse?

Editing to add: Yanna’s gown is heavy poly-blend satin with moderate beading near the lipstick stain.

DIY Bride Answers:

Yikes, Yanna! This is a tricky one because not all lipsticks are the same. We’ve got everything from stains to gloss,  some are wax based while others are blends of oils and wax along with food-grade pigments. My best advice is to take a chance with a professional dry cleaner because they’re so equipped to handle a wide range of stains and lipstick seems like it’d be a pretty common one.

If you’re ultra daring, Dryel® has an On the Go™ Stain Pen that I’ve personally used quite successfully on small foundation stains on silk. It was awesome – and about $4.00 at Target – for my particular fabric/stain combo. I’d definitely test a spot somewhere on your train or hem (somewhere inconspicuous) before applying anything to your bodice.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this I’ve had a lot of people ask me about this. Also I know of an easy very short term temporary solution of white chalk on the wedding day, I know I always carry some in my camera bag. Thanks for sharing!!

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