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Learn how to make your own bridal bouquet with feathers at FeatherBouquet.com.

Alternative wedding bouquets have been a popular DIY wedding trend this year.  We’ve seen bouquets made from paper and buttons, ribbons, and brooches.  Wedding bouquets – floral or not – can get very expensive, unless you have the skills to make it yourself.  Even then, the cost for a beautiful handmade bouquet can easily climb to $100 or more.

Here’s a new idea – a handmade feather bouquet! 

With Amber’s wedding feather bouquet e-course, you will learn how to make your own unique feather bouquet that will last forever.  You’ll have a keepsake that lasts beyond the wedding day, and the wonderful memories and experience that comes with making it yourself.

Please welcome Amber to the DIY Bride community – she’s a real DIYer who turned her passion for into a business.  Born from a need to satisfy her creativity on a limited budget, Amber developed an assortment of feathered wedding details for some friends, and she started teaching other brides how to create their own feather bouquets and accessories; everything from feather bouquets to feather accessories. Her experience as a creative, budget-conscious bride provided the foundation for Amber’s awesome e-course.

We are a really unique service catering to the DIY bride.  Times are tough and we understand that the DIY craze is huge because it is fun, rewarding, and financially just makes sense.  A lot of DIY brides know they want to hand-make much of their decor, bouquets, and other elements of their wedding, but they just need help with initial instructions, how-to, or inspiration ideas.  This e-course covers all of that.  We offer a 60-day money back guarantee, and the price is right.  Our price is super low – just $47, and you have access to 11 PDF tutorials, a DVD tutorial, an inspiration book, and more.  The cost of the average pre-made feather or fabric bouquet that a bride can purchase can range from $300-$800, so we offer huge, huge savings.” –Amber, FeatherBouquet.com

If you are searching for creative ways to create your dream wedding on a budget, then check out Amber’s wedding feather bouquet e-course today.  It’s perfect for DIY brides who want to make their own bouquet, incorporate feathers into their wedding details, or simply want some instruction and inspiration.  Feathers go great with vintage, whimsical, playful, Hollywood, romantic, or nature wedding themes.  Even if you don’t incorporate feathers throughout your wedding theme, a bouquet of feathers will be a stand-out detail that everyone will love.  Plus, you’ll get the credit for making it yourself!  Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent after completing the class?

Amber offers a true one-of-a-kind, super-unique service with a great product.  If you don’t like the e-course or think it will help you, you can get your money back, no questions asked, within 60 days. 

“We are proud and happy of the success brides have had using this program, and we are sure it will help many, many more brides create beautiful DIY weddings.” -Amber 

Tackling any DIY project for your wedding can be intimidating, but the featherbouquet.com e-course is something you can share with your bridesmaids!  Here’s what you do. Get all the girls together to work on wedding crafts for a day (or two), make some special cocktails and snacks, and settle in to watch the DVD tutorial that comes with the e-course.  Have all the supplies you need on hand to start creating right away, and in no time, everyone will be making their own matching bridal bouquet with feathers!  How fun is that?

This type of activity is what makes a DIY wedding so fun.  Everyone gets to participate and incorporate their own personal touches.  Brides – don’t be afraid to ask your bridesmaids for help with DIY projects, and don’t pass up this chance to learn how to make these feather bouquets!

Check out FeatherBouquets.com for more information.

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