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Just when you thought the photo booth couldn’t get any better, a new company on the block – Photojojo – created a selection of fun props for your photo booth!  Oh, the possibilities are endless.  Seriously, Photojojo has an extensive assortment of camera-related fun stuff.  Be sure to browse the Photojojo Store!

Mustache cash-stash.  Okay, that’s from a kid’s cartoon…anyone know it?  Anyway, these mustache props are so cool!   Simple enough, these felt mustache-on-a-stick props are glued to a dowel rod and sold in a pack of 3 for your entertainment (or your guest’s entertainment!).  Of course, you could make these yourself, but then you’d miss out on the opportunity to meet the Photojojo crew, and they are one friendly bunch.  At only $12 for the set, why not have these on hand for any impromptu photo shoot?!


Photojojo’s pennant party box makes a great addition for your photos.  Instead of photoshopping a picture to add a cloud with cute sayings above people in your photos, these pennants already have cute sayings that people simply hold up in the photo!  Sayings like LOL, OMG, etc., are included in the pack of 5 for $25.

See these fun photo props in action (video) Photojojo Photo Booth Kit

Another great idea from Photojojo is the chalkboard speech bubble.  Let your creativity soar…








I’m a huge advocate for DIY whenever possible, but in the case of these funny photo props, Photojojo deserves the win.  There are countless projects that can be made from scratch, and these photo props are no exception; however, turn your focus to more rewarding DIY projects like handmade bouquets, hair accessories, jewelry, or invitations.  Rely on Photojojo to turn up the entertainment value your photo booth provides.

Not getting a photo booth for your wedding?  That’s okay, there are plenty of ideas out there for DIY photo booths.  Just don’t forget the props!  People can only make so many funny faces and poses.  With a fake mustache, your friends can take on a whole new personality behind the camera.  When you’re looking through your photos after the wedding, you may want to create a photo book dedicated to your hilarious guests.

You can even use the Photojojo props for the bachelorette and bachelor party photos, just hanging out photos, and really, for any sort of party photos.  If you’re not setting up a photo booth, just leave the props laying around.  Curiosity will get the best of your guests, and they’ll be posing with the props in no time!

Photojojo has more than just fun props for your photos.  They actually carry a lot of super cool photography-related gadgets, accessories, and other ridiculousness.  For example, these magnetic photo ropes are pretty friggin awesome.

And for the camera enthusiasts, serve up some delicious camera-shaped cookies with these cookie cutters!

Where do they come up with this stuff?!  It’s clever, and I like it.  DIY Bride is all about finding unique vendors who want to work with our super creative audience, and Photojojo gets two thumbs up!

Shop now at Photojojo.com


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