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Looking for a DIY wedding album idea?  How about taking all your wedding photos and making your own book?  We know just the place to go - Blurb.com.

We’ve been buzzing about the Blurb.com website all summer, and there’s good reasons why.  Blurb was founded by book lovers, and they make it super easy to publish your own ebooks, digital photo books, and beautiful wedding albums.

The Blurberati Blog is jam-packed with tips and tricks for creating stunning photo albums yourself.

For example – How to manage your photos – was written by a professional photographer who offers up some keen advice for how to pick and choose the best photos for your book.  Here’s an example of the first rule:

Start by eliminating any photos that:

  • are out of focus
  • have weird stuff in the background that you can’t crop or edit out
  • have something important cut off
  • don’t elicit some kind of emotional response”

Read the full blog post at Blurb.com.

Often when we find stellar DIY-friendly vendors, they have amazing blogs that compliment their products and services.  Blurb is a fine example of exactly that.  We love their blog just as much as we love this company.

And what’s better than a great blog?  Tutorials!  Blurb’s got that covered, too: Blurb Tips and Tricks.

If you’ve never created a book online, some of the tutorials may intimidate you, but don’t worry.  Blurb can be used by the casual DIyer and professional photographers, so there site accommodates a wide range of knowledge and skill levels.  Get as creative as you’d like, but with Blurb’s BookSmart program, all you need to create a beautiful wedding album is beautiful photos.

And don’t forget to use the discount code: BLURBOOK15OFF at check out to save 15%!  It’s fun, easy, and available now.  Go ahead, give a whirl.


Learn more about Blurb in the DIY Bride Vendor Showcase.


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