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Hey DIYers!  As part of our effort to bring you the best DIY resources available, we’ve started featuring various rubber stamping vendors.  The one we’re featuring this week is Schwabb, Inc.  Schwabb offers a complete line of custom pre-inked rubber stamps and accessories.

Reasons to shop Schwabb:

  • Very affordable prices
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Easy customization for any design
  • FREE shipping online

Rubber stamps have a countless number of uses when it comes to crafting, but one of my favorite (and practical) uses for rubber stamps is wedding invitations and stationery.  A classic example – signature stamps.  These are great for signing your name on thank you notes, letters, and adding a very custom touch to a wedding invite.  Order yours with your new last name, and sending thank you cards after the wedding will be a breeze.



Using a monogram?  Schwabb will make a custom monogram stamp or embosser for you!  This way you can use the monogram on your personal stationery beyond the wedding, or use it when you make your wedding scrapbook.  Schwabb also has standard save-the-date stamps that you can customize.



Schwabb recently introduced a new line of anti-bacterial self-inking stamps.  I’ve never seen anything like this, but the stamp basically kills bacteria on contact.  Learn more about this product:  ANTIbac Self-Inking Stamps






Schwaab, Inc was established in 1881 and is one of the leading manufacturers of pre inked stamps in the US. Our pre inked stamps come in various shapes and sizes; convenient enough for everyday use without the mess one would expect from using rubber stamps. Schwaab stamps are of superior quality, cost effective, and allow for thousands of impressions before re-inking is necessary. We also offer ergonomically safe stamps that are designed to fit comfortably in your hands for effortless stamping. A few of our stamps also come with a lifetime warranty against defects under normal use. Browse through our extensive collection of rubber stamps and find the pre inked stamp that works for you.


Learn more about Schwabb, Inc. in the DIY Bride Vendor Showcase – and like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SchwaabInc


Disclosure: DIY Bride has a financial relationship with Schwabb, Inc., meaning we may have received compensation for this content and/or related content.  We firmly stand behind our review and recommendation, and are committed to promoting only those companies we feel offer our community excellent products, ethical business practices, and outstanding customer service.


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