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Vicky is the creator of Grand Scheme of Themes.  She’s a fabulous artist, professional crafter, and female entrepreneur – just the kind of person we want at DIY Bride.  Get to know her and her business better, and be sure to visit her website: GrandSchemeofThemes.com.

What made you want to be involved with the DIY wedding industry? In the past ten years, I have worked with many creative and artistic brides who wanted to handcraft special details for their event. Very often, they ran out of time and energy to do all they had envisioned, or simply abandoned their ideas because they didn’t know what they would do with all those items after their event. I hated to see their disappointment. Those brides were the inspiration for the concept of my business.

What did you do before becoming a DIY business owner? I was an Event Coordinator managing an event facility and catering company. I was with the same company for ten years, handling all decor, menu design ,ceremony rehearsals, day-of staffing, and event coordination.

How would you describe your own wedding style? I would describe my own wedding style as purposely eclectic. I love to mix the old with the new, mix textures, and use ordinary items and materials in surprising new ways.

How would you describe your DIY skills? I am accomplished in woodworking, sewing, painting, and enjoy all craft projects.

Describe the best wedding you’ve ever seen, and why was it the best?  All of the best weddings I have ever been involved in were those when the bride and groom insisted on something unique; an event that reflected who they were not only as a couple but as two individuals as well. Elements of their event incorporated everything from their favorite food, hobbies, places they had traveled, and even Harleys and hot rods. It was those added touches that made the event special for the couple and memorable for their guests.

Did you start your business from scratch? Yes, with just a notebook of accumulated sketches and ideas.

How do you get to know the couple before a wedding? I ask a lot of questions and enjoy hearing a couple talk about themselves – where they met, their plans, and interests. These conversation gives me a good sense of their personality. Then I am able to brainstorm ideas with them that best fit them and the type of event they envision.

What’s the hardest (or easist) part of the custom design process you offer? The easiest part is the idea…the hardest sometimes can be the transformation between the image in your head and the finished product. You sometimes have to change the mechanics of how the item can be made. It is that challenge I enjoy the most.

Do you work with any other vendors on a regular basis? I work with Wedding Consultants, Caterers, Florists, and Bakers to create unique items for both them and their clients.

What makes you different from other rental companies? All my items are custom designed and handmade. I do not stock any item available at local rental companies (tables, chairs, basic linen, etc.)


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