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Whether you and your besties had an all-out, anything goes weekend in Vegas or spent a relatively quiet day at your local day spa, your bachelorette soiree was certainly an occasion to remember. Undoubtedly you now have a billion digital photos (gave or take a million) on your phone, Facebook timeline, Instagram account, hard drive, and digital camera documenting the all of the  fun, love, and silliness that only you and your crew can create together. Instead of scattering images all over the Web, how about creating a photo book of your escapades for you and your party posse? It’s a great way to pull the best shots together and create a lasting memento to commemorate the day. (Plus, you know, no incriminating evidence on the internet.)

I’m excited to introduce you to Blurb.com, a fabulous service that let’s you create beautiful and creative bound or ebooks from digital photos.

The process is simple:

1. Choose a template (pre-designed, semi-custom, or full custom options).

2. Upload and organize your photos.

3. Place your order.


Creating a book with Blurb couldn’t be easier! You needn’t download anything;  everything is handled through their interactive Bookify interface. It’s quite intuitive with plenty of prompts throughout the process should you get stuck or need help.

Should you want more creative control throughout the process, Blurb offers BookSmart™, a free application for PCs and Macs that allows you to create bookstore-quality books from your desktop.

Photo books are available in five sizes: 7×7-inch, 8×10-inch, 10×8-inch, 12×12-inch and 13×11-inch. Custom logos, photo and graphic covers, linen and leather and other material bindings are also available if you want extra customization. Perfect for those of you with images from your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, there are options for creating ebooks that can be read on mobile devices like iPhones or iPads (other platforms are on the way).

Pricing is reasonable; a 20-page 7×7-inch book would cost about $11.00. Honestly, you probably spent more on a martini and tip at Mandalay Bay. Large-quantity discounts are available for print runs of 5 or more.

Blurb backs its books with a generous return, refund and reprint policy should you not be satisfied with your purchase.


Disclosure: DIY Bride has a financial relationship with Blurb, meaning we may have received compensation for this content and/or related content.  We firmly stand behind our review and recommendation, and are committed to promoting only those companies we feel offer our community excellent products, ethical business practices, and outstanding customer service.


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