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I posted some weeks ago about a fundraiser to help my brother-in-law, Jeff, who is terminally ill with ALS, make his wish of going camping come true. Jeff is 95% paralyzed and dependent on others for nearly everything right now. An avid outdoorsman his whole life, one of his final wishes has been to go camping.

Today, I’m overjoyed to report, he’s on his way to the campground with my in-laws, his nurse/caretaker, and a group of grumpy old men! (This is my father-in-law’s annual “dudes” camping trip with his sons and cronies from United Airlines where he was a mechanic for a million years.) That Jeff is able to be a part of this event is due to those of you who contributed to his fundraiser and/or have given our family so much love and support.

Jeff gets to hang out near here for a few days. Nature is awesome.

On behalf of my family, I send you our sincerest heartfelt thanks for making this day come true. The fundraiser brought in the goal $10,000 which will help pay for transportation, equipment, and the caretaker for the weekend. (The logistics of this trip are mind-boggling!) Any leftover cash will help my in-laws (both retirees and on limited income) who travel from their home 3.5 hours away to be a part of Jeff’s daily caretaking team.

My father-in-law, Russ, giving Jeff a shave.

We are forever grateful to every single person who contributed and thank you with all our hearts for making a difference in Jeff’s life.

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