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Practical makes perfect. When it comes to deciding which kind of wedding favor to give your guests, choosing something practical is always wise. We’re advocates of coaster wedding favors and candle wedding favors for a number of reasons, but practicality is the number one reason we love them! With coaster and candle favors, you don’t have to worry about your guests’ thank-you gifts ending up in junk drawers the minute they take them home. Bottom line? Coasters and candles are practical items that your guests can use long after your event is over.

Here are some other reasons coaster wedding favors and candle wedding favors are better options than other favor types out there:

Double decor! Coasters and candles aren’t just practical—they’re versatile, too. You know the saying “kill two birds with one stone?” Well, coaster and candle favors do that and then some. Not only do they provide your guests with some type of practical use, but they also provide them with a long-term keepsake and can double as home decor as well. Guests can use them in the living room, family room, or office to add a stylish touch to the home, while reminiscing on your special day at the same time.

Personal touches. Unlike many other wedding favor ideas out there, some coaster and candle favors can be customized with personal messages and even special photos. If you’d prefer to gift something unique and thoughtful to your guests, adding a personal touch to your favors is a great way to do just that. Whether you customize your coaster wedding favors or candle wedding favors with your wedding date, names, or a poem, the option to add a personal touch makes coaster and candle favor options stand out among the rest.

Pretty place settings. Another benefit couples can enjoy from using candle or coaster favors is the chance to spruce up their reception place settings. Something about presenting pretty coaster sets or colorful, scented candles on your reception table makes the whole place setting display light up.

Candle wedding favors and coaster wedding favors are practical, decorative, and offer you the chance to express your personality and give your guests a personal message—what’s not to love?


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