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For our UK audience, we have a new DIY vendor on the block: Ace Envelopes.  These folks offer countless colors and styles of envelopes for all purposes, DIY wedding stationery included.  Buying from a bulk envelope distributor like this can save you money because you can find wholesale pricing.

One of the most difficult parts of making DIY invitations is the finding perfect envelope.  While most wedding invites are sent in a white, ivory, or colored envelope, the black envelope sets the tone for a classy, elegant, and unique event.  Black envelopes also stand out; of course, you’ll need to use a bright ink color, but that just makes this DIY project all the more fun!  A favorite combination of mine is metallic silver ink on a black envelope.

Once you select the right color envelope for your DIY wedding invitations, then you have to choose the right sizes, thickness, and style.  When designing your invitations, it is recommended to stick with a fairly standard size, so you don’t have to make custom envelopes (that’s another DIY project all together!).

Check out this guide at ace-envelopes.co.uk for more specifics on sizes and options.

Custom made envelopes from Ace are made-to-order using any size, weight, color, material, and closure.  Unique closures like a string or washer add that DIY feel.  Printed envelopes are also available, using your personal design for extra detail.  Maybe a monogram or special message would be nice!

Ace Envelopes is a fantastic resource for black or metallic envelopes, bespoke/custom envelopes, colored envelopes, translucent envelopes, and recycled envelopes.  The selection of colored envelopes is quite extensive.  Choose from vivid pink, yellow, green, blue, orange, and green.  Neutral colors like brown, tan, and grey are also available. They promise next-day delivery for UK mainland customers, and 2-3 day delivery outside the mainland.  Prices are very affordable, too!

Learn more about Ace Envelopes in the DIY Bride Vendor Showcase.

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