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DIY DJ: Review of My Wedding DJ App (From DIY Bride}

Wanting to create your wedding music playlist using your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?  Well, now there’s an app for that.  We were contacted by Allen at Steamclock Software about their new app, My Wedding DJ.  I found My WeddingDJ to be quite easy & fun to use.  It’s divided into two modes: the Music Plan & the Player.

The music plan lets you add, edit and arrange the music for your special day.   To get started, you can pick & choose items from the template categories or feel free to create custom categories.  Each section allows you to pick a song or a playlist (created on iTunes) that are on your iPod.

DIY DJ: Review of My Wedding DJ App (From DIY Bride}Ceremony

  • Pre-Ceremony (Playlist)
  • Groom’s Procession (Song)
  • Group Procession (Song)
  • Bride’s Procession (Song)
  • Registry Signing (Playlist)
  • Recessional (Song)


  • Cocktail Hour (Playlist)
  • Wedding Party Entrance (Song)
  • Dinner (Playlist)
  • Cake Cutting (Song)
  • First Dance (Song)
  • Father-Daughter Dance (Song)
  • Mother- Son Dance (Song)
  • Slow Dancing (Playlist)


  • Bouquet Toss (Song)
  • Garter Toss (Song)
  • Party Dancing (Playlist)
  • Final Song (Song)

Editing the music plan is quite painless.  The items can easily be re-ordered, changed or deleted.   In edit mode, there are options to rename the item, change the song or playlist, turn on/off “Wait Afterward” and turn on/off “Repeat”.

Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement in the Music Plan, it’s time for the Player.  There are simple directions how to “slide start” each section.  Once a section is playing, you can pause or skip the songs (each utilizing a nice fade-out).  The Player also allows you to move back to the previous section.

The Wait Afterward allows the section to end and requires a slide start to go on to the next section.  This can be helpful while waiting for various cues during the ceremony for the processions & recessions.   Turn the Wait Afterward off for seamless transitions between sections.

One of my favorite features allows you to take requests while playing your preset playlist (provided that song is on your iPod).

DIY DJ: Review of My Wedding DJ App (From DIY Bride}

My WeddingDJ is available through the app store on iTunes for $4.99

Cheers, Jason The DIY DJ

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  1. Fantastic idea. Just wish it was around when I got married. We had iTunes playlists for our wedding music and to have a special app for it would have made it all so much easier to set up and run with on the night. I’ll be passing this one on to my readers, for sure.

  2. Really nice idea, the app looks good. It’s really nice to see others using the iPhone like us to make the wedding process easier. Wish we’d have known about it for our wedding a short while back, will definitely be recommending it to friends though. It will make it much easier than traditional iTunes playlists to manage and for one less thing to worry about carrying with you on the day of.

  3. I have been a professional Dj since 1991.
    I must say this is a good app for someone who just wants to play background music.
    A wedding is a very fluid event and can change without notice.Planning your music list is a great idea, putting it in an order to be played is not.
    The friend you have asked to work your Iphone music list won’t know how to read the crowd or make announcements.
    Before you chose to save money on a Dj, ask your photographer and caterer about how these parties turn out.

    • Ray, we appreciate the opinions of professional DJs here at DIY Bride. Thanks for sharing yours.

      While we’re big advocates of DIY in all aspects of weddings and feel that whatever a couple wants to DIY is a personal choice. We do our best to present the pros and cons of big projects (like DJing – see our “Is Being a DJ For You?” post.). We do not, however, buy into the “If you don’t hire your wedding will be a disaster” lines. We’ve seen DIY DJ done exceedingly well; we’ve personally seen a lot of “professional” DJs who were the epitome of bad. Doing the DIY DJ thing takes a lot of time and effort, something a lot of couples are willing and fully able to put forth for their weddings and we support that 100%. We will continue to bring our readers info and products to help them do it.

      • I hope this post gives you some insight as to other concerns brides should think about before thinking an app can replace her wedding DJ.
        I’ve been a ‘Professional DJ’ since 1987 and have been lucky enough to spin at hundreds of wedding receptions. I agree 100% with Ray and his professional opinion of this app. All DJs have the same equipment and music. It is the talent as an entertainer to read the crowd and create sets on the fly that appeal to the crowd that makes a dance floor stay full all night.
        As he mentioned, what about announcements? Garter and bouquet? Telling the story of how the bride and groom met? Using the microphone to add class and a little bit of humor to an event makes a large impact on the quality of the event. What about sound amplification? Show me an app that can achieve this and I will be impressed, but still not satisfied that it can replace a quality DJ.
        You mentioned that you don’t condone “If you don’t hire your wedding will be a disaster” comments. I didn’t see one in Ray’s post. Him asking you to request the opinion of another wedding professional that is not a DJ that may have witnessed one of these events was correct.
        ‘Professional DJ’ is a moniker that is overused and unregulated. There is no license for this profession. Like any vendor, you should research their expertise, follow up on references, and try to see video of the jock, when possible. This is common sense from your event organizer would have saved you the painful experience seeing low quality DJs.
        As for the pros and cons you mention, I did not read any cons associated with this app in your review. I would expect you to outline some of the things that Ray and I mentioned above to help educate the bride thinking she can replace her DJ on the biggest day of her life for $4.99.

        • Terry, I think you’re missing the part where not everyone WANTS those shitty stories told, not everyone WANTS their timeline dictated by a stranger behind a booth, and not everyone WANTS a clown trying to entertain their guests. For some, yeah, a DJ is going to be essential.

          Some of us couldn’t give a fuck less about the music and would rather keep their $1,000.

  4. The one thing that this leaves out is that you are breaking every license law out there unless you are licensed for this. DJ’s require their music be licensed for play in front of crowds. Music downloaded from itunes is NOT licensed for playback in front of an audience. It is only for your personal enjoyment. You are able to pick up a music event license to cover the legalities of playing from your ipod. Otherwise you run the risk of being spot checked and sued by the RIAA which would not be any fun.

    • Justin, I do believe that a couple playing legally-acquired music at their own private event would fall under all fair usage laws. Please cite specific laws and licensing agreements; we’d like to investigate further.

  5. Been “professionally” dj-ing for 14 years or so, playing songs from store bought cd’s or downloaded from iTunes is not even close to illegal. You are playing a private party. I have heard of restaurants/stores, etc having to pay a yearly fee to play music in their establishments (which is a joke) but never have I heard of any dj or dj company purchasing a “license” to play music that they purchased themselves. That’s like having a license to play music at my own house party. I don’t think so.

  6. I am a tech savvy diy bride and feel comfortable diy-ing the music for our upcoming wedding.

    Many couples like ourselves have friends or family that are tech savvy, great at addressing others and would be more than capable of introducing the bride and groom (with genuine knowledge of the couple rather than a pre written script) and making special announcements like the cake cutting or tosses.

    Reading a crowd is something that charismatic and engaging people can do well-and that is the type of person that you would entrust to diy dj. It’s not hard to tell when the crowd needs a fast song to liven things up or a slower song to give people a chance to slow dance with their partner.

    Brides like having control over the music (no hip hop or chicken dance at ours!) and this is the ultimate way to be sure that undesirable songs stay off of the list while ensuring that must haves are played.

    The app is fantastic, it creates a streamlined way to set up the music for the different components of the ceremony and reception and is far more cost effective than a $150 an hour professional.

    DIY for this one :)

  7. I want to remind all commenters to keep comments civil and on topic. I’ve not approved a couple of incoming comments due to abusive language and tangents about things not related to this post or the conversation that’s going on here. DIY Bride’s comment policy is published here: http://www.diybride.com/about-2/comment-policy .

    • Hi Kristen,
      The app does sound neat for a wedding ceremony, which is pretty straightforward. You tend to hear so many horror stories about ipod weddings because you are entrusting someone who is not a professional to run the show. They MAY be able to pull it off, but if something goes wrong with their lack of experience, you do not get a second chance on your big day.
      Here is solid data on an ipod wedding, and there are many more examples:
      This app is not going to take any money out of my pocket, it’s just that I would argue that wedding guests want to be entertained at a wedding, and that usually takes a talented professional, not a glorified jukebox. You could also save money on a photog by supplying some of the guests with disposable cameras or you could bring in a microwave and some hungry man dinners and feed your guests for $4.99 as well.
      I can certainly understand how brides are trying to stay within a budget for their big day. I think most wedding professionals all want the same thing, to create a fabulous day that the couple can afford. I would be happy to try to refer any bride to a trusted professional DJ in their area, as I have literally hundreds of friends that do this for a living across the country.

    • I used this wedding DJ and would highy recommend it. I was being quoted $1200 + from DJS for my small wedding of 50 people. It allowed us to keep our budget on track. A few things to keep in mind with the app, have a friend or family member get aquainted with the app so they can keep the wedding on track. No one even noticed there was no “professional’ dj. I used all legal music from Itunes and on RSVP i had guests inlcude there favorite song so I could download it ahead of time. Everyone heard there favorite song and I was able to give back to my budget, Win Win!!!

  8. I have downloaded this and LOVE it! I have asked two of my best guy friends to be MCs so that they can do the announcements that other people have spoken to.

    We like the fact that request songs are possible without changing the entire playlist.

    • I will be doing the same thing! My husband and I eloped on New Years Eve but we will be redoing our vows with family and friends in a few weeks. We will have between 50 and 60 guests and it will be at our new home. We live on a lake and will renew our vows at sunset. We were planning to have a few of our special dances with each other and family that we didn’t get to do when we eloped. This app will be perfect!! Looking forward to using it!

  9. Too cool! My fiance and I are going the DIY route with as many things as we possibly can, and we’ve really been drawn to the idea of doing our own music, while assigning someone to ‘man’ the station for the evening to make sure everything runs smoothly. We already have someone in mind who will be able to all the announcements and what not for the evening. We both really didn’t want cheesy music and DJ comments at our reception, and we feel that this is the best way to make it personal and cheap. Can’t wait to check out this app!

  10. I think this is a great idea for an app and can see other uses for it as well, actually. Thank you for making it! As far as the comments (mostly from DJs) about the cons, I would say that, honestly, it’s the bride and groom’s choice. This about is about choice. My brother used an i-pod at his wedding and it went fine. Also, not every couple has a traditional reception. We had a fairly traditional wedding (though it was a destination wedding- about 18 people total) and then a sit down dinner. This would have worked great for us!

    • Erin – I totally agree! Every couple is different and they know what’s best for their own wedding. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great evening!

      Your Friendly DIYBride Intern

  11. I can not find the app in the App Store. I searched for it using key words dj, wedding dj, and searching the whole name My WeddingDJ. Can somebody please help. I would really like this because we are having a very small wedding reception less than twenty and I can not justify spending money on a dj, especially since I would also be paying a traveling fee. Thank you for any help!

  12. I have an iPhone but do not have any songs downloadedon iTunes; one thing I noted is that you can use your iTunes play lists. If I do not have any songs does that mean I have to purchase them for this app? Or if a song is requested does that have to be purchased? I’ve read forums and found the app but nothing is stated that I can find.

    • Hi Leslie,

      The app only plays songs from your iTunes playlists. You’ll need to buy the songs or use music you already own (and that’s been uploaded into iTunes).

  13. Thanks so much for reviewing this app! Like many of the other brides who commented, much of my wedding will be DIY – especially considering the cost DJs in my area charge. I understand where the professional DJs are coming from as well, as they see this as a threat to their livelihood – but they’re making it sound like our weddings will be a disaster without them. I like this hands-on approach better so we can have control over the songs that are played (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to weddings where the second the DJ starts playing Celebration I just roll my eyes and sit back down).

  14. Thank you for the information about this app! We are having a small wedding that is almost exclusively family of about 60 people and won’t be hiring a DJ because 1) it’s in a fairly public place, 2) few people in our families would dance. and 3) it keeps us in budget. If we were having a larger wedding where I know dancing would be the main entertainment, we would be certain to hire a professional who could read crowds as well as announce. Given that the main “entertainment” for our upcoming wedding will be conversation and catching up with loved ones from all across the country though, we felt this app would be perfect for providing a great selection of seamless background/ambiance-setting music while still giving us the ability to select specific songs for the processional, cake-cutting, etc. Hopefully it will work out as well as it seems like it will!

  15. My fiancee and I are looking at getting this app as well. Sounds great and cheap. I was reading earlier that someone was asking for some type of proof that there is a law about playing music in public and that there is no law against playing music in public. I am not sure about the laws in the US but for my fellow canadians who are reading this must know that there is a law that requires a license to play music in public. Some also commented that whats the difference at your house. Well technically thats not public so if you wanted your reception at your house, then by all means go for it. Here is a link that you can go to and read more about license requirement.

    Also I usually hate to assume things but from my knowledge the US tend to have more strict rules and regulations then us. I hope this helps people and that it does not discourage anybody. I do believe a license is still much more cheaper than a DJ.

  16. I am very excited to try this app! I have been thinking about using an iPod for my dj an this sounds perfect! I have looked into a good many djs and when I tell them what I want, they try to talk me into lighting an the crowd control as mentioned in some earlier comments. There is not an affordable price for people having small weddings that just want music played and a few announcements made.

  17. As a Michigan Wedding DJ, I have organized many parties of weddings over the past. I used this app to see how much threat does it pose to my career. The experience was really superb. However, since I used it from a critique’s eye, I found that one can just play music with it like a pre-planned program. In order to turn a wedding party into something superb with music, the need for a Professional DJ still remains. I hope you understand the reason in its background that such a Professional DJ will always produce music according to the taste of audience.

  18. I can see some events where this app could be useful and more than enough for the couple. And I agree with some of the comments that I’ve read in that your wedding day should be how you envision it and there shouldn’t be pressure to conform to a more traditional day or timeline.

    That said there is a lot the a DJ brings to the table beyond choosing the music that isn’t being mentioned. At the weddings I’ve been to (I’m a wedding vendor as well and work with a variety of couples with both long and short guest lists) the DJ has provided the microphones for the speeches and during the ceremony (the lapel mics are quite nice). I’ve worked at weddings without microphones and the large majority of the time the crowd can’t hear the vows or much else. Some DJs provide lighting to add some depth to the room and decor. I’ve worked with DJs who will supplement the tracks they play with live music (from acoustic guitar to saxophone). A DJ also can be a huge help to couples when planning out the timeline for the reception (or day in general). A professional will bring years of experience to give you a solid idea of how these things will play out. Some of the benefits of a professional DJ are a little intangible – peace of mind being one. A professional will have backup equipment on hand. I also personally find that having a friend play DJ for you is a big ask. Even if they are on board you’re basically requesting someone to work at your wedding. It might not be very time consuming for your friend if the songs just run through but I imagine it’s rare that there aren’t any hiccups with these things.

    FYI – I used the word ‘professional’ a lot here because some people may be comparing this app to some craigslist Bob who has no clue.

    I truly feel that it’s wise to really consider the role each kind of vendor can play at your wedding. Weigh the pros and cons. Maybe even meet a couple professionals to learn more about what they do. Then decide for yourself. Personally I can’t imagine forgoing a DJ/Band in favor of this but I may have a totally different vision for my wedding day. I can say that I’ve heard my share of horror stories based on times these types of things or cheap vendors went wrong.

  19. i have to say that i love the idea of an app over having a dj. I have only been to one wedding where the dj wasn’t completely annoying. This is not your party. This is not your family. i dont want to hear you talk. i don’t want you to try to force people out of their seats. i dont want to feel like you are singling people out in your speaking over the microphone. i think having an app with a trusted person, who is musically inclined, in charge as the MC that has been familiarized with the app is a great idea.

  20. Thank you for the review of this app! My fiance and I are going DIY for most of our wedding, and nixing the DJ was a HUGE money-saver for us (about $1000). I had already complied a playlist for each part of the wedding (i.e. pre-ceremony, cocktails, dinner, dancing, etc.) but this app will help us make the song transitions a little smoother. I think our “freejay” will love it too!

    I completely agree with the person who said that DIY DJing should be the choice of the bride and groom, and doesn’t mean your wedding will be a disaster. Some people may not want to put in the effort to figure out a playlist (I’ve probably spent about 30 hours on researching songs, reviewing how-to-DIY-DJ guides, etc.), and for those people a DJ is probably the best bet. But for those of us who choose to go the DIY route, apps like this make the process much easier.

    Lastly, not all weddings have to come from the pages of The Knot; weddings can be fun and memorable even if sh*t goes wrong (I know this because I used to work on a banquet team)! The wedding industry depends on people feeling like the whole day has to be PERFECT in order for vendors to make their money (which I also support IF you can afford to hire them), but perfection should not be the end goal. The end goal should be having a fun day where you get to celebrate the bond you have with your partner. And if the DIY route is more appealing to you, and you put in the effort, then your special day is going to be fabulous!! Cheers!

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