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This was one of my favorite entries; a near-perfect combination of style and tradition with unique and fun finds. emilyp rocked it. Sadly, some of the products are no longer available but feel free to be inspired!

A Prairie-tale Wedding

Total: $424.00

Lace and Luxury Dress $52.99
ModCloth: http://bit.ly/cj4jjt

Dutch Darling Cardigan $73.99
ModCloth: http://bit.ly/bF6jnR

Chelsea Crew Juliette Nude Tear Drop Peep Toe Heel $62
Lulu’s: http://bit.ly/8YewYh

Twiggy Wire Vine Crown $35
Esty Seller whichgoose: http://bit.ly/cHqint

Posy Drops in Dark Seafoam & Copper $7
Etsy Seller floatytoes: http://bit.ly/ayFtXp

Second Nature Necklace in Gold $16
Lulus: http://bit.ly/ckbl7d

Ring Around the Rosies Golden Bracelet $12.99
Ruche: http://bit.ly/b9WfDw

Golden Saddle Ring $36
Etsy Seller StoneCreekDesigns: http://bit.ly/ck5Ba7

Twinkling Night Clutch $128
Anthropologie: http://bit.ly/att6PX

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