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Makeup Monday is our weekly Q & A session for those who’re interested in doing their own makeup for the wedding. Question from Helene: Hi DIYBride! I have a small tattoo on my shoulder blade that no one in my family knows about. (They’re very conservative. My dad would K-I-L-L me if he knew!) The tat is partially exposed by my wedding gown. Thoughts on how to cover it? DIY Bride Says: While our generation barely bats an eyelash at tattoos anymore, there are still situations where flaunting inked skin can cause unwanted attention. The cosmetics industry got the memo and have turned out some products that are made for camouflaging tattoos. We got to test out Tattoo Undercover by Ferbs Cosmetics. Included was a bottle of foundation and Alibi Setting Powder. The set retails for $29.99. How It Works: You apply thin layers of foundation over the tattoo, allowing each layer to dry before moving onto the next. Once desired coverage is achieved, apply the setting powder. That’s it. The Pros:

  • Easy to apply
  • Coverage for our heavily-inked test subject was 3 layers.
  • Natural-looking color/coverage
  • Great for areas that don’t rub against fabric.

The Cons:

  • A good foundation brush is needed. Our sponge wedge applicator was ok but moving to the brush made a world of difference.
  • Our tester wore a tank top that rubbed up against the foundation-covered area. The foundation held up pretty well but needed touch-ups. The foundation was difficult to launder out of the garment the tester was wearing – but it did come out. Beware if your wedding gown will be in contact with the covered area.


  • The foundation is very heavy and heavily pigmented. Having a brush really helps control the amount that goes on for each layer which will make for more natural coverage.
  • The setting powder is essential. Don’t skip it!
  • Have the kit on hand during your wedding day for touch-ups.

Ferbs has a great how-video – and, yes, it really is this easy to apply!

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  1. You're a grown up! You're getting married. You can have a tattoo if you want. What's you're dad going to do? Ground you?

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