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That whole “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition seems to rattle already frantic brides. Many of us get gifted with a blue garter or other piece of lingerie and that’s cool. But maybe you’d like to publicly display your something blue without violating state laws. So what’s a cheap ‘n’ easy solution to give a nod
to tradition? Nail polish. That’s right, for a few bucks you can get a rockin’ manicure and display your blue for all to admire.

For you peacock-themed hotties, I suggest Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri in Blue Streak. It’s a pearly peacock-turquoise that costs about $5.00 at your local drugstore. On a whim I picked some up at my local Walgreen’s and gave it a whirl. Insta-Dri doesn’t exactly dry instantly but it does dry pretty quickly compared to regular polish. You’ll need 2 coats for rich coverage and color. (FWIW: the brush on this is a bit different than other nail polishes; it’s wide and flat. I rather liked it but it took some getting used to.)

Not feeling the peacock blue? (Ugh, that sentence is just wrong somehow.) No prob! Blue is a hot color this season so polish brands have a ton of shades on the market from demure pale blues to deep, dark navy.

{ The Unnecessary Disclosure Disclaimer: The product in this post was purchased from my own funds and was in no way paid for or provided by any company. }

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