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Here’s my list of sources to buy bulk wedding flowers:

Do you know of other reputable growers/suppliers? Please let us know!

23.August: Editing to add Brides & Blooms to the list.

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  1. This list couldn’t have come at a better time. I am currently looking for roses that I could buy at wholesale bulk price.

    Thanks a bunch.

  2. WeddingHydrangea.com – Thinking of using hydrangeas for your wedding flowers, arrangements, centerpieces or bouquets? Family owned and operated hydrangea cut flower farm since 1980 we pride ourselves in the quality of hydrangea blooms and service provided. Overnight delivery in the USA.

    Contact me to let me know how I can link to your site,
    Thank you Jim Hipple

  3. I ordered from Farms to Go (on your list) I should get my flowers on the 23rd! I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I will most definitely blog about it.

  4. This is very helpful…because of another post I came across regarding Ikea, I went to my local Ikea, and bought stuff…and was inspired to make my own centerpieces…so now I just need a few flowers for each one…and I am done…and it is a third of the cost of the lowest florist quote I recieved…So even me..who burns toast…can make my own centerpieces…Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Seems like you have a good list already the only one that i didn’t see on the list was auctions – Dutch flower growers often sell at at good wholesale price depending on where you are and any exchange rates might be worth investigating.

  6. I absolutely have to give a shout out to the Growers Box. I was afraid of ordering such an important thing like my wedding flowers online. What if i got bad flowers or they didn’t come in time?? The florist prices in town were out of the question though. But to my delight, the customer service was amazing at the Growers Box. The girls helped answer all my questions and made me feel at ease about the whole process. They had a huge selection, and it was easy to get the flowers that i wanted that were out of season in the US without costing any more then it would have if they had been in season here. My wedding flowers were AMAZING. Better then i could have ever asked for, and they fit my budget perfectly. And, they came exactly when they said they would. I would recommend the Growers Box to anyone.

  7. I didn’t see BloomsByTheBox.com on the list. I’ve used them for a few corporate events and have been very pleased. They’re based in NJ and the customer service was excellent. All next-day delivery free to most of the northeast.

    Since my corporate events went so smoothly, I checked to see if I could place a small order for the wife. That worked out too… they don’t have a huge minimum order so it’s possible to get flowers for small events/holidays. I sent flowers to my wife and mom and they loved them. $50 worth of fresh cut flowers go a lot further than one of those $80 arrangements from one of the big online retailers. And my ‘girls’ get more satifaction from the DIY arranging.

    You can order 30 days in advance or have your flowers go out today so you have them in hand tomorrow. That saved me on Mother’s day! I told my wife I sent flowers to my mom and she said, “What about my mom?!”. Apparently it was mother-in-law day too.

    Thumbs up for bloomsbythebox.com from me.


  8. DO NOT USE ONLINE WHOLESALE FLOWERS! This company has robbed me and at least 100 others in the past 3 years. The BBB in Vegas and many federal organizations have taken at least that many accounts of fraudulent activities by this company. Brides beware: I was left without flowers and my $600 on the day of the wedding.

  9. I have also used bloomsbythebox.com and had great success! I would definitely recommend them for any DIY bride like myself. The flowers were beautiful and everything went smoothly. They answered any questions I had and were always friendly. I had a pretty large order but like Sam said, they also do smaller things too. They have next day delivery or you can tell them when you want them delivered. It’s just great. Definitely give them a try!

    - Pam

  10. I would also love to know if Sam’s Club or Costco are good suppliers. They definitely have the least expensive selection, but I was hoping someone would be able to share on the quality. Thanks!

  11. For all MD/VA/DC/ We just got married, and Yes I did us the proflowers weddings it was a big mistake everything came in brown, Our site had us call Ultimate Affair in MD, they came to the rescue for us, The price was even less than proflowers, They were so breath taking. So I just wanted to add them to the site, because my co-workers and I used this site when planning our weddings.

  12. Thank you to all those who recommended BloomsByTheBox.com above! We appreciate your kind words and will continue to carry out our customer promises, anything you need we are here! If you are a DIY bride looking to do your flowers email me so I can help you through the process of arranging, picking quantities, and ship dates! Diana (at) bloomsbythebox.com

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