The Editorial Policies of DIY Bride™

Revised 12 September 2012

DIY Bride™ knows the key to our relationship with you is trust.  We want you to think of us as a trusted friend providing you some really great information. To earn that trust, we are happy to disclose any business relationships we have that affect the content of our site.

Because our newsletters, resources, and website are free to you, we depend on advertising revenue to fund our business.  DIY Bride™ accepts promotes businesses in the forms of:

  • Banner ads on our website and newsletters
  • Vendor showcase listings
  • Sponsored/Featured blog posts
  • Social media campaigns

As standard policy, we always disclose when we have a financial or business relationship with any company we write about or promote on our properties. You may be assured that DIY Bride™ endorses only companies we feel provides honest, quality products, and services to our DIY community.

User Comments

DIY Bride™ allows users to comment on nearly all of our blog and forum posts in the comments sections accessible at the end of articles and in forum topics.

User comments are rarely edited, but there are exceptions when we deem it necessary to alter or delete a submission:

* Violation of comments policy

* Spam, advertising

* Clarity (Textspeak such as “Wot R U doing?” will always go under the editorial knife.)